On Journaling

During the shooting of my short film “Indivisible,” I experienced how important it is to practice the habit of keeping a production journal. I journaled throughout the filming process and wrote down the things that went great, but also the stuff that failed. Writing down mistakes prevents me from making the same mistakes again. New mistakes are welcomed, because new mistakes mean growth. Journaling archives the things that didn’t serve the production and I can go back to the journal to look out for the red flags when I’m preparing the next production. It also caters to my need for catharsis, I was able to get all things that harmed the production out of my head. From making bad decisions during the hiring process to cutting corners in the wrong departments, the list is too long. At the end, I take full responsible for every failure before, during, and after the production, but journaling helped me to forgive myself quickly and set new boundaries even quicker.

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